How about the sahur and iftar menu that does not lose weight? Ramadan suggestions suitable for diet…

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Some sahur and iftar mistakes made in Ramadan can cause us to fast more difficult and gain weight. If you want to spend Ramadan in accordance with a healthy diet, you should pay attention to some points in sahur and iftar. How should the most healthy sahur and iftar menu be? Suhoor and iftar menu lists that do not change the diet during Ramadan…

Along with fasting in Ramadan, healthy and proper nutrition is extra important. While some gain weight seriously in this one-month period, others may even lose weight because they are hungry all day. If you do not want to end Ramadan by gaining at least 2 kilos, you should take care to keep your form and fill your stomach with the right foods. Heavy and fatty meals, which are eaten at iftar due to the feeling of hunger, are among the meals that we regret later in terms of calories, no matter how satisfying they seem at first. The foods consumed not only in iftar but also in sahur affect the fasting more difficult or easier. So, how about a healthy sahur and iftar menu? Here is an example…

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1 -2 slices of bread or pita bread

1-2 slices of cheese or 1 egg

Tomato and cucumber

Fruit or 1-2 teaspoons of honey or jam

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1 bowl of soup

1 bowl of yoghurt

1 portion of vegetable or meat meal with meat

1 slice of bread

Tomato, cucumber


1-2 dates or cheese

1 bowl of soup

1 portion of meat meal or meat and vegetable meal

Low-fat green salad

2-3 slices of bread or battery game or pasta

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