Hollywood stars started it! Tie fashion for women

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Ties have come out of men’s wardrobe and transferred to women’s style. These pieces, which exhibit a masculine attitude, were among the preferences of women in daily wear in previous periods as well. Now, ties brought back by Hollywood stars have already begun to attract the attention of women. Here are the ties that will shape the 2022 fashion…

The ties, which were also found in women’s wardrobes in the past, rolled up their sleeves to resurface. Ties, which made their mark on the season trends list in accessories, started to rise in street styles. These pieces, which have made a name for themselves, bring a comfortable look as well as a masculine attitude. Although the fashion world, which renews itself day by day, is shaped according to living standards, it can sometimes offer its own initiative. While there is no limit to the clothes that women can wear today, a new one has been added to trousers, vests, boots, suits or hats.

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tie fashion for women


Ties, which are prepared to be the most popular accessory of this season, are a part of men’s wardrobe. declared their freedom. On the other hand, you can make your tie, which you can combine with a suit, more elegant with the brooch detail.

You can get help from flowers or colorful patterns to make your tie more feminine as well as masculine.

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Ralph Lauren

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Blake Lively

famous American actress Blake Lively , combined his white satin tie with a dusty pink suit.

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Louis Vuitton

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Black Pink group Jisoo caught a stylish style with her Dior look .

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Zendaya made the Valentino suit she preferred at the Vanity Fair party more masculine with tie detail.

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Natalia Verza

Natalia Verza brought the tie into her casual style.

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Ralph Lauren

It indicates effortless elegance with its black and white harmony.

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