His style is considered swanky! Demet Akalın, who says she can’t get along, how much does she spend on her clothes?

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Famous singer Demet Akalın, who has come to the fore with the statement that I can’t get along lately, always manages to attract attention with her different style. Akalın, who generally prefers famous brands such as Versace and Fendi, creates her wardrobe from luxury brands. However, it is not found stylish by fashionistas. So how much does Akalın spend on her daily outfit and what style does she prefer? Here is Demet Akalın’s style, which is considered cheesy!

Famous singer Demet Akalın is a name that has managed to attract attention both with her statements and her unique style. Its unruly attitude towards fashion makes it one step ahead of its competitors. He goes beyond the known combination styles and puts his own taste in the foreground. It always prefers world-famous brands with high prices. However, despite this, his style is always scrutinized by fashion critics. So, what pieces does Akalın’s style consist of, in which she reflects herself as she is, and how much does it cost? In this content, we go down to Demet Akalın’s style, which she created with her luxurious clothes and which is considered cheesy. The Hermes branded slipper he preferred to wear only during the last summer concert and the 5 thousand TL fee he paid for that slipper attracted a lot of attention and attention.

Akalın, who recently tried Beyonce’s Adidas Ivy Park collection, was also on the agenda of social media with her statements that she could not get along with. Well, one of the people who were criticized anonymously by the artist Okan Bayülgen for his statements I can’t get along with, what pieces does Akalın include in his daily style and how much does he spend?


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The singer whose skirt belongs to Zara stores, the Spanish brand of Inditex Group , paid 200 TL for this skirt. While she spent 8 thousand TL for her Versace sweatshirt, she paid 30 thousand TL for the Hermes brand bag. Fendi glasses are only 1.400 TL.

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With Balenciaga Paris products on it, Akalın spent 70 thousand TL for this casual street style. It is not overlooked that the famous singer frequently includes French fashion brands in her style.

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Fendi brand overalls, which draws attention when worn, alone costs 18 thousand TL in total. Akalın does not neglect to wear this overall on the evenings when she performs.

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And finally; Akalın, who appears again with his daily lifestyle, paid 1,869 TL for Iceberg tracksuits and 2,652 TL for gold. Akalın, who spends at least 4 thousand TL in his daily life, frequently prefers brands such as Gucci and Versace apart from these brands.

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