Good wife and marriage prayer! Prayer for the newly weds

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A correct marriage with a good wife is one of the most beautiful events that will make both this world and the hereafter beautiful. According to our religion, there are prayers that are recommended to be read for a happy relationship in the married life where couples who want to have an Islamic marriage will establish a home. What is the prayer for a good wife and marriage? How did our Prophet (saas) congratulate a person who got married? Prayers to be recited for a happy and peaceful marriage…

There are some prayers that are recommended for couples who want to marry according to our religion and establish a good home, in their marriages, taking into account Allah’s consent. Basmala-i sharif, which is the beginning of every good deed, is the essence of prayers. Rahman and Rahim names are mentioned together “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” requests can be made from Allah sincerely and sincerely. In the verse of the Holy Qur’an in the chapter of Rum , “It is one of the proofs of his (existence and power) that he created spouses from your kind for you so that you could find peace with them and that he created love and mercy between you. Surely in this there are signs for a people who reflect.” (Rum, 30/21) is commanded. There are many verses and hadiths related to marriage that provide a shield for especially young people to protect themselves from adultery and harams. Regarding marriage, which is a great savior for those who want to secure their faith “Whoever gets married has completed half of the faith; Let him fear Allah about the remaining half!” (Heysemi, IV, 252) hadith-i sharif. There are some prayer tips that couples who decide to get married can read on their way to establish a good home.


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For those who want to have a good marriage in the way of Allah, choosing the right spouse is very important. The most important feature to be looked at in the opposite sex when getting married is to have good morals. A person with the fear of Allah cannot harm anyone. Then, the property, property, office and family structure should be looked at. If all the criteria are within the framework of religious criteria, the decision on that person can be fixed and prayed as follows as an example:

“My Lord, if this fortune is good, let me be my wife, if not, turn me off from that person. I am deputizing you for this situation, my Lord.’

74th verse of Furkan Surah​

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“…Rabbenâ heb lena min ezvâcinâ ve zurriyyatinâ kurrate a’yunin vec’alnâ lil muttakine imâmâ (imâmen).”


“…Our Lord! Grant us wives and offspring that will enlighten our eyes and make us leaders of the righteous!”


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There is a magnificent prayer for a happy, peaceful marriage that is desired to be continued by being fed with the happiness of both worlds, both in this world and in the hereafter. According to the narrations, our Beloved Prophet (SAV) used to recite the following prayer when he was going to congratulate the newlyweds:


Bâreka’llâhü stain ve bâreke aleyke ve ceme’a beyneküma fi hayr.


May Allah bless you and keep your blessings. May he unite the two of you for good. (Tirmidhi)


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One of the most beautiful Names of Allah (cc) 3 of them and the last 3 verses of Hashr Surah are recommended to be recited for a good marriage. In the marriage prayer, which begins with the Basmale, then the reading of the names and verses begins. While each name is mentioned 7 times, it is recommended to read the verses once.

Al-Vedud Essence “loving and worthy of being loved”

El -Mosque name “He who gathers whatever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants”

Al-Mujib The name means “responding to the prayers of his servants” .


Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

Ya Vedud

“Huvallahulleziy la ilahe illa huve ‘alimulğaybi vesşehadeti huverrahmanurrahıymu” (8009703) (80009070) (800970)

Either Mosque

Either Mosque

Either Mosque

Or Mosque

Either Mosque

Ya Mosque

Ya Mosque

“Huvallahulleziy la ilahe illa huve elmelikulkuddususselamul mu’minul muheyminul ‘aziyzul cebbarul mutekeru subhanallahi ‘amma ‘.”

Ya Mujib

Either Mucib

Either Mujib

Either Mucib

Either Mucib


Ya Mucib

“Huvallahul halikul – bariy-ulmusavviru lehum’esma ulhusna yusebbihu lehu ma fiyssemavati vel’ardi. And huvel’aziyzulhakiymu.” (Amen)


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After a good ghusl, 6 rak’ahs of prayer are performed for the sake of Allah. (It is recommended to be performed after Isha.) After praising Allah and blessing our Prophet 7 times “Allahumma enta halaktani ve ente tahdini ve ente tut’imuni ve ente tesgîni ve ente Tümîtüni ve ente tuhyin. ” is read. Then the first 12 verses of the Taha Surah are read 21 times, the salawat is recited again and the desired thing is said.

7 times each time for 7 days at the end of the prayer “Allahümma enta halaktani ve ente tahdini ve ente tut’imuni ve ente tesgîni ve ente Tümîtüni ve ente tuhyînî.” is read. The 12 verses of Taha Surah are read 21 times and the request is repeated by drawing salawat.

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