Early menopause symptoms! What is menopause, when does it enter menopause? delay menopause

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Some complaints during menopause, which is every woman’s fearful dream, can be alleviated by measures that can be taken. While the solution to the problems to be experienced in women entering the menopause period is simple, you can apply methods to enter this period later. So what is the age to enter menopause? Natural solutions for hot flashes in menopause and herbs that reduce menopausal symptoms…

A brand new process that starts with the end of menstrual bleeding after a certain period at the beginning of each month, which is defined as a natural part of aging in women . . The end of ovulation, that is, the cessation of menstrual bleeding , during the menopause period, which will eventually catch every woman without health problems, is the surest sign of menopause. Symptoms such as hot flushes, palpitations, sweating, mental distress, insomnia and osteoporosis , which are seen due to irregularity in hormone levels , are some of the signs seen in menopausal women. With the cessation of the production of the estrogen hormone in the female body and the shrinkage of the ovaries, menstruation is no longer seen. Thus, the menopause period will begin and menstrual bleeding will no longer be seen. The reason why the menopause period has such an important place for women is that it is no longer possible to have children with their spouse, no matter how much they want it. If we give a general figure for the menopause period, it is the disappearance of pregnancy after the intercourse that women will enter in the stages after the age of 45-50. Therefore, this period of menopause has a full natural protective function for pregnancy. So what changes occur in the body during menopause, what is early menopause? What are the symptoms of menopause, at what age does menopause enter? What is early menopause, what are the early menopause symptoms? Herbal methods to alleviate the symptoms of menopause…


The so-called transition to menopause ‘Perimenopause’ , the period after menopause ‘Postmenopause’ is the period that a woman who enters menopause will experience after. The menopause before the age of 45 is defined as the early menopause , while the age of women entering menopause in our country is generally 50-52 years old. When entering menopause, menstrual irregularities, different bleeding than normal, hot flashes and mental distress are more common. After entering the menopause, more hot flushes and complaints such as sweating, stress, depression are more common.


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Complete cessation of menstrual bleeding in the menopausal phase seen after the age of 40, that is, the age of onset of menopause The average figure for 51 is 51. Some factors such as genetics, alcohol and cigarettes are effective at the age of menopause, and it is not possible for everyone to predict this period. Although some tests applied on the 3rd day of menstrual bleeding give an idea, they do not produce definite results. According to the results of these tests, speculating on fertility may cause undue anxiety in the woman who has not had a child. Even if tests show that the person is close to menopause, ovulation may occur at this stage, although rarely.


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One of the most uncomfortable situations for women during menopause is hot flashes. While it is never possible to completely prevent hot flashes, which is a condition that every woman definitely experiences during menopause, the problem of hot flashes can be felt less with some precautions that can be taken.

To prevent hot flashes…

– On the condition of being thin instead of wearing thick clothes before going out 3 Stack 4 layers of clothing on top of each other. When hot flashes are seen, you can take off the clothes one by one, as if there will be at least 1 outfit.

– Be sure to have cold water with you. Drink cold water or keep it on your body to relieve the heat.

– Wear cotton clothes to absorb moisture from the skin.

– Take care of daily vitamin E supplementation.


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According to the information obtained from studies, every 100 The menopause stage, which finds 3 out of 3 women in the early period, is the last situation that almost all women want to happen to them. The most basic factor determining the age of menopause, which differs from woman to woman, is the age at which the mother of the woman who will enter menopause or her immediate close relatives enter menopause.

Hypothyroidism or the risk of developing cancer may bring the factor of early menopause.

Menopause before the age of 45 is defined as early menopause. Some unexplained situations, autoimmune disorders, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, infection, miscarriage troubles may occur.


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The most important problem experienced during menopause is this period. It is the deterioration of women’s menstrual cycles and the decrease in egg quality. In this case, they begin to lose their fertility characteristics. Such a situation causes both psychological and biological problems in women younger than 40. According to experts, people with a family history of early menopause should definitely see a doctor and have their ovaries checked.

Autoimmune diseases:

In these diseases, the immune system perceives its own organs as foreign tissue for unexplained reasons and attacks these organs. If these tissues, which are perceived as foreign, are ovaries, this causes early menopause.

Removal of the ovaries by surgical intervention:

Removal of a young woman’s uterus or ovaries due to various diseases is a cause of early menopause.

Seeing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy:

Chemotherapy or radiotherapy are conditions that cause early menopause in women.

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Genetic predisposition:

People with early menopause are usually checked for a similar story in their family. If there is early menopause in the family, this early menopause can also be observed in first-degree relatives due to heredity.

Bad living conditions and smoking:

Bad living conditions are among the reasons that cause early menopause, such as not paying attention to diet.

Extreme thinness or obesity:

Excessive thinness and obesity cause early menopause in women.


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1- SMOKING : It has been observed that women who smoke enter menopause earlier than non-smokers.

2- WRONG NUTRITION: Losing weight suddenly due to being underweight is the reason for cessation of menstruation.

3- KEEPING AWAY FROM STRESS: Giving a lot of place to stress in daily life is a factor that triggers early menopause.

Can you get pregnant during menopause? PREGNANCY IN EARLY MENOPUSA…

While the age of ovulation, which is seen with the onset of menstrual bleeding, is about 10-15 years old in the early days, the inefficiency of eggs increases as age progresses and menopause approaches. The menopause period, which is seen with no more ovulation, is a sign that the bleeding will definitely not come again. Couples who postpone their desire to have children due to various reasons are among the most curious about whether they will have a chance to become pregnant as a result of the surprise of encountering the possibility of early menopause.

The diagnosis of menopause in women becomes clear after a period of not menstruation for a period of about 1 year. If ovarian functions are found to be decreased as a result of the tests, the probability of having a baby is almost impossible. However, if there is no abnormal decrease in hormone levels, there is a small chance of pregnancy (with miscarriage) . With the developing technology of our age, it is possible to become a mother at an advanced age with the treatment methods that can be applied even in women entering the menopause period.


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Herbal Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Maranki stated that early menopause can be prevented by preparing the menopause delay cure recipe. Here is the menopause delay yarrow cure…


INGREDIENTS: 15 grams of chopped yarrow, 1.5 liters of water

PREPARATION: After boiling the yarrow in the amount of water specified above, cool it and strain it. Drink half a cup 3-4 times a day before meals. The sphere that you will apply for 3 weeks, take a break for 1 week and try for 3 months.

Shepherd’s Bag CURE RECIPE

INGREDIENTS: 20-25 gr. shepherd’s purse, 1 liter of water

PREPARATION: Add shepherd’s purse to the boiled water and boil for a few more minutes and drain. You will drink this mixture for 7 days, take a break for 1 week and try again for 3 months.


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We have compiled for you the herbal teas that you can choose to help women get rid of or at least alleviate some of their physical and mental problems during menopause. You can try to eliminate the slowdown of the estrogen hormone, which occurs during menopause, with natural herbal teas. So, which herbal teas can be preferred for this? Plants that relieve menopausal complaints…


Mistletoe, which can be consumed by menopausal women in their nutrition program, minimizes the health problems that may be seen in that period; It prevents indigestion, palpitations and nervous disorders.


Anise tea containing natural estrogen is a solution against problems such as insomnia, gas colitis and indigestion.

Parsley Tea

Parsley tea, which is both slimming and healthy, is a complete source of natural estrogen. It will help alleviate the complaints that can be seen during menopause.

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