Does hula hoop make the waist thinner? Weight loss method with hula hop exercises (turning circles)

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One of the most effective methods that can be applied for regional slimming, waist thinning and tummy tuck is hula hoop. You can make it easier to lose weight with the hula hoop method, which is one of the most entertaining games in childhood. Especially if you do not know how to burn fat with hulahop, which is effective in slimming the waist, this news is for you! Weight loss method with hula hop exercises…

You can facilitate the weight loss process with the hula hop method, which was very popular in the past and is still used among sports exercises today. While some of us describe this tool that takes us back to our childhood years as a hoop, some of us describe it as a hoop, most of us can ignore the fact that it facilitates weight loss while having fun. In fact, although it is designed as a child’s play, it attracts the attention of young people who have weight problems because it makes it easier to lose weight. In particular, hulahop, which is claimed to help thin the waist circumference, can burn up to 420 kcal of calories per hour. The diameter of the hula hoop to be used for sports should be between that person’s stomach and chest. Small hula hoops should be preferred for tight and effective exercise.


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In hulahop, which can be used for slimming waist in regional slimming Take a walk beforehand to warm up. Then, accelerate the hulohop that you put on your waist by pushing it 1-2 times with your hand. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and curl them slightly. If the clothes on you are thin, friction will be less and the hoop will not fall off easily.

Afterwards, you should tighten your abdominal muscles and bend your waist slightly. In order to achieve this rotation, you should prefer thin clothes. Because thick clothes will increase the friction coefficient, it will reduce your circle.

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Bend at the waist, keeping legs shoulder-width apart, pelvis forward. If you do it regularly, you can strengthen the abdominal, waist, upper leg and hip muscles. If you want to turn the hula hoop on the arm, not the waist or abdomen, the development of your arm muscles will increase.


3 times a day for starting 3 minutes can be increased up to 10 minutes in the following days.


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1- It strengthens the waist, hip and knee regions.

2- It ensures that all the muscles in the body work regularly.

3- It makes the person feel good.

4- It increases the blood flow to the brain.

5- It helps to burn calories and lose weight.

6- It keeps your form.


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Hold the hulo hoop in the air, which works the arm and shoulder areas, and squeeze it between the palms and forearms. Keep your elbows slightly bent to activate the shoulders and arms.


Hold the hula hoop in both hands and place the legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping the lower body straight, bend to the left and hold the movement for 5 seconds. keep it up. Then turn right and hold for 5 s. do more.


Open hands at waist and feet shoulder-width apart. Repeat 10 times, bending to the left and bending to the right.

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