Does hair growth decrease during pregnancy? belly fat during pregnancy

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Laser epilation, which is a savior application for women in daily life, is one of the first remedies sought by women who want to get rid of the problem of hair growth during pregnancy. We have compiled information about when hair growth, which increases during pregnancy, will decrease. So when does hair fall out during pregnancy?

Various masks, care cures and peelings applied by women who stay in front of the mirror for hours for their beauty and care to look nice both to themselves and to their spouses or relatives, are a situation that needs extra attention during pregnancy as they will directly contact the skin. The problem of hair growth in the body due to hormonal differences often manifests itself on the abdomen, legs, nipples and face. Especially ‘Linea Nigra’ , which we call the perimeter of the abdominal line, expectant mothers who are obsessed with hair growth may want to get rid of hair in these areas. With this psychology of pregnancy, laser application may be requested to get rid of it as soon as possible. So when do hairs fall out during pregnancy? Here is the answer:

  • The hairs that cause more discomfort during pregnancy will fall off on their own after a while.
  • Doctors do not recommend laser epilation applications during pregnancy because it strengthens the structure of the hair, not because it is harmful.


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Then those hairs will enter the shedding phase and therefore laser application is not recommended. Those who want to get rid of hair growth seen during pregnancy with laser may do more harm than good.

The reason is that the structure of even fine hairs can become stronger and thicker. For this reason, it would be more appropriate to have laser surgery after you turn forty after birth.


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There are many known methods for If you want to get rid of unwanted hair problem naturally, this news is for you! Thanks to this method, which Russian women constantly apply, your hair follicles will weaken over time and will not come out again.

Here is the walnut shell cure used by Russian women to get rid of their unwanted hair:

INGREDIENTS: Walnut shell, water

APPLICATION: Burn the walnut shells until they turn into ash and leave the ashes to cool for a while. After the ashes have cooled, put them in a bowl and add water and mix until it reaches a creamy consistency. Leave the ashes, which have a creamy consistency, for 12 hours. Then rub the ashes on the unwanted hair area, leave it for half an hour and rinse with hot water.

This mixture, which you will use 3 times a day, will soon weaken your hair follicles and eliminate your unwanted hair problem.

NOTE: It will give better results when applied to the hairy area.

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