Does a period delay pill prevent pregnancy? Are period delay drugs harmful?

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Menstrual delay pills, which are used by women whose special days coincide with the menstrual period, to delay this situation, are a medicine that should be used with the approval of a doctor, even if it shows its effect in a short time. Everything you need to know about the effect of menstrual delay pills in pregnancy is in the news! Is it possible to get pregnant after a period delay? How to use period delay pills? Side effects of menstrual delay pills:

Women who want to enjoy their summer vacation to the fullest or spend their honeymoon, which will be the most special moments in their marriage, may have coincided with a bad timing. It is possible to have a period exactly as desired by taking some precautions that women can take note of or know by heart the dates of their menstrual period. In this sense, one of the most frequent measures taken by women today is the menstrual delay pills they take under the supervision of a doctor. Women who want to use these pills should use it regularly before menstruation or during the spotting phase. If it is used without interruption, the menstrual period can be postponed by moving it to a later date as desired. Menstrual delay pills, which should be taken under the control of a doctor, can have side effects, although they are not at the same level for everyone. So what is a period delay pill? What are the harms of period delay pills? Do period delay pills prevent pregnancy?


Menstrual delay drugs used by almost half of women today, It includes drugs containing progesterone hormone, that is, acting on the inner layer of the uterus. In spite of the risk of early menstruation, spotting can be seen in the person, although rare, in the menstrual delay pills that should be taken 3-5 days before the possible menstrual period dates, it should not be worried. The forms of the menstrual delay drug recommended by the doctor may be different.

Some doctors recommend taking some of these drugs twice, in the morning and evening, while others recommend that they be consumed 3 times in the morning, noon and evening.

Although there is no information about the duration of use of the menstrual delay pill or the drug in the instructions for use, the period deemed appropriate by the doctors is 10 days. Menstrual delay pills taken for more than 10 days are not recommended as they may disrupt the natural cycle.


The side effects that are likely to be seen after stopping the menstrual delay pill or medication also disappear. Bleeding is prevented during the use of delay medication, and menstrual bleeding will manifest itself within a few days after stopping the medication.


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. It is as follows:

– Swelling in the chest
– Edema feeling in the body
– Severe pain and excessive bleeding after medication
– Varicose veins
– Constipation problem
– In the ovaries and disruption of balance between the cycle in the uterus.


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Pieces The pills used as a retarder are a drug that directly affects the inner layer of the uterus, which is characterized as progesterone. It is one of the questions that are wondered whether the use of these drugs, which delay the menstrual period, during pregnancy is harmful to the body or whether it has a positive / negative effect on the chance of having a child.

These drugs, which cause the menstrual bleeding to come later than it should, do not affect ovulation, which can develop in close contact with the partners. It only affects the intrauterine layer and prevents bleeding from coming.

Therefore, menstrual delay drugs alone do not have a contraceptive effect.

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