Cotton tunics for spring! 2022 cotton tunics…

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With the warming of the weather, not only the model and color of the clothes we prefer, but also the fabric is important. In the warming weather, cotton fabric tunics, which can keep cool and not affect health, have started to take their place in wardrobes, especially for women wearing hijab. So what’s among the flour cotton tunics this season? 2022 cotton tunics…

Tunics, which can be found in the wardrobes of women who are especially fond of fashion, started to come to light with the emergence of the sun. Although the sweet breezes of spring hit us for now, there are only a few days left until the weather gets warmer. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the colors and models of the preferred clothes, but also to the fabrics. Cotton tunics, especially preferred by hijab women in summer and winter, took their place in the showcases with their new models this season. So, what kind of models are there among the 2022 cotton tunics?

SPRING 2022 COTTON tunics

White cotton tunics;

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White cotton tunics

White cotton tunics, an indispensable part of wardrobes, continue to be among the clothes that fashion-conscious women can choose every season. Thanks to the harmony of white with different colors, an effortless combination can be achieved. In addition, white tunics, which can be worn in the office environment, continue to be the savior for working women.

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harmony of white tunic

Green and earth-toned tunics reflecting nature;

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Green and earth-toned tunics reflecting nature

Cotton tunic styles, which integrate with their natural structure, still manage to win hearts with green tones that do not fall into trends every year. Stylists, do not forget to present the cotton tunics, which they can not get out of their imagination, with the colors of nature. As every year, the meeting of green tones with cotton tunics, which will put your name at the top of the list this season, makes people smile.

There is another part of nature in cotton tunics that take their essence from nature. The crown of the combinations looks very stylish in earth color cotton tunics. Cotton tunics, which have become indispensable parts of women, are ready to cool for the upcoming hot weather.

Stripe print cotton tunics;

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Striped cotton tunics

The time has come when you can put on your sunglasses and sip your coffee on a beach with your close friends. Women, who have always set their goal to be comfortable and stylish, give importance to the fabric of the clothes they wear, especially when they are with their friends. Among the cotton tunics this season, there are also striped tunics that not only give an aesthetic appearance but also prioritize health. These pieces, which we see the harmony of two colors in cotton threads, can be kept in the foreground with the right accessory choices.

Blue tunics reflecting from the spring;

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Blue tunics reflected from spring

Blue tones, which are also among the colors of nature, started to smile on faces with the reflections of spring. Blue tones, which represent coolness for the approaching heat, rolled up their sleeves to take their place on the shoulders. Blue, which likes to come together with contrasting colors as well as tone-on-tone combinations, provides a modest appearance in the fabric of cotton tunics. These tones are especially happy with denim clothes.

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