Causes of eye redness and itching in babies! If your baby’s eyes are watering…

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We have searched for you the natural treatment methods that families can apply at home in the face of eye redness in babies that appear to be caused by reasons such as allergies and viruses. If you are thinking about how to get rid of eye redness in babies, our advice information is with you. Here are the causes and treatments for redness in the eyes of babies…

Eye redness, which can occur not only in adults but also in infancy and childhood, can worry especially apprehensive parents. Eye redness in babies, which can develop due to various reasons, mostly occurs when there is allergy, eye canal obstruction, insomnia, virus or any irritation. Thus, the vessels in the eye structure begin to become more prominent and take on a redder color compared to the normal appearance. In some cases, doctors consider eye drops sufficient for eye redness, while in others, they may warn about the need to be careful about avoiding irritants and paying attention to eye hygiene. So what should families do when the baby has eye redness and irritation?


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If we look at the main causes of eye redness in babies, we can say that it is caused by the following conditions. Here are the most common causes of eye redness in babies…


If symptoms such as runny nose and fever are encountered in addition to eye redness, the virus There is a very high probability of having a disease caused by the disease. Winter illnesses, such as the flu or cold, can cause eye redness in babies.


Burr and yellow discharge that can be seen together with eye redness in babies may be the main source of bacteria.


Allergy, which is less likely to occur in babies younger than 1 year old; It can easily manifest itself with symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose and itching. This allergy can be caused by dust, pollen or cigarette smoke.


Eye drops used to keep newborn babies away from bacteria can sometimes cause irritation and eye redness in babies. 1 in 5 babies are born with at least one of their tear ducts partially or completely blocked.


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HOT APPLICATION: A little bit of warmth from a clean cotton Wet it with warm water to outweigh it. When your baby’s eyes are closed, gently massage without pressing.

ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY: If your eye redness is caused by bacteria, your doctor will likely recommend antibiotic eye drops or oils. When your baby’s eyes are closed, drip on the bottom of the eyelashes. These drops can be used for 7 days.

BREAST MILK: Breast milk, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, cleans your baby’s eyes and relieves inflammation.

ATTENTION: Never use honey, etc., for babies under 1 year old. Home treatments cannot be used.

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