Cardigan models that stand out in 2021 hijab fashion |How to combine cardigans?

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In the hijab fashion, there are cardigan models that are the most admired recently and that protect against cold weather in winter months. You can get a very stylish and comfortable look by combining these cardigans, which are indispensable for hijab ladies, in different styles. We have compiled for you the most popular and preferred cardigan models in hijab lately.

The colorful cardigans of the new season attract with their looks and warm textures as the weather starts to cool slightly. If you combine cardigans, the most beautiful, life-saving and faithful part of the winter season, you can get a great look. The most preferred items in cold weather are coats, cardigans and sweaters. This year, you can easily combine cardigans with beautiful colors with skirts, trousers and dresses to get a very stylish look. Cardigans, which provide both ease of use and a stylish look, are at the beginning of the rising trends of this season, as well as double combinations. In hijab fashion, we have prepared beautiful combination suggestions that you can get without making much effort. So, what are the trendy pieces that you should definitely have in your wardrobe in the 2021 winter season? Let’s take a look all together..

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Cardigans make you trendy with their cool look. and your trouser-blouse and skirt-shirt combinations will add elegance to your elegance.


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Oversized cardigans designed as shabby are one of the indispensable items of women this year. models are leading. With its long length and wide arm structure, you can both be stylish in the office and get a more stylish style in your daily life. Women’s cardigan models can be used very comfortably in spring months and can be easily worn under coats in winter months.


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Lozenge pattern cardigans that never go out of style continues to be fashionable in the season. These pieces, which gain a different warmth with their warm textures as well as with the tones of brown, integrate very nicely with the iconic leather skirts or trousers of the new season. Achieving a modern look to the bohemian atmosphere in this way, lozenge-patterned cardigans also make a difference in office and street style.


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One of the other timeless models is tiny Grandma cardigans with buttons and fine knitwear textures. Grandmother cardigans, which are among the indispensable parts of the fashion world, and bead embroideries on the collars sometimes appear with white pearls. The vintage looks of this cardigan model, which ends at the waist, look great if stylish and modern matches are made. For example, you can create a completely different style by combining the gorgeous sweet color of pink with a vintage cardigan with a flared skirt and black booties.


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In hijab fashion, women use the phone the most. There are pleated skirts and cardigans, which are among the preferred models. Especially stylish pleated skirts with geometric patterns should have at least two in your wardrobe. You can catch the perfect harmony of black cardigans and pleated skirts. Also, do not forget to choose high-heeled booties when combining. At the same time, you can choose prominent colors such as red, pink, yellow that will stand out with black.


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The elegance of an effortless style on cold winter days. The key to the maxi-length cardigans, this time, comes with beautiful trends in which you will prefer a knitwear dress like yourself. In order to clarify the bohemian attitude of these two, you can combine tone-on-tone style with beautiful combinations. E.g; You can achieve street and office elegance with an ecru knit dress, a cinnamon-colored cardigan, tan suede boots, a large brown bag and a cream-colored shawl.


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Comfortable knit, midi or long cardigans among the most trending pieces. Although it is difficult to knit, it is the best among the beautiful pieces that you can combine comfortably in hijab fashion and that provide a unity to your clothes with their elegance. It is also the perfect time for the season of cardigan combinations that extend to the ankles.

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