Budget-friendly combination suggestions for Ramadan 2022!

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With the development of the fashion world day by day, clothing preferences are also changing. In these days when it is important to show a modest stance as well as looking stylish, we have a special Ramadan offer for your budget. Here are the budget-friendly combinations special for Ramadan…

Preparations for sahur and iftar tables have been completed in Ramadan, where sharing and abundance are abundant. In the month of Ramadan, which is better than a thousand months, people who perform their fasting do not prefer to go out outside of business life. However, women who contract with their friends for some iftar invitations are in search of creating special combinations. In this month, where a modest stance should be at the forefront as well as looking stylish, some women who are fond of clothing started to search for clothes that fit their budget. We Yasemin.com team have considered some campaigns for you and prepared budget-friendly combinations for Ramadan.


The convenience of green and beige;

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The convenience of green and beige

Beige and brown tones, which are indispensable colors every season, met with green, which they cannot hide their harmony. Women, who prefer to be especially stylish when going to a party, prefer simplicity for the month of Ramadan. The friendship of beige with the tones of green, which embodies the feeling of trust, resembled tones of tone. In this month, when we don’t go out much except for work, we started to search for budget-friendly options. We dressed a tunic with a smile of green in beige tones for women who love elegance but simplicity.

Dresses are in harmony with blazers;

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Dresses in harmony with blazer jackets

Blazer jackets from the past to the present have no intention of leaving the trend lists. With the change in clothing styles in the last 2 years, jackets can now stand on the shoulders of every outfit. Blazer jackets, which also match with dresses, are determined to be one of the favorite pieces of wardrobes with their colors and models. We have selected jackets that bring elegance to every outfit they wear, also for the month of Ramadan. Social activities were interrupted for a while, especially in this month when religious duties should be given importance. In this case, women choose to combine more suitable pieces only for special occasions. Considering this, we have brought the nobility of Black together with a dress in which red and beige tones are equally reflected in this combination proposal for you.

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Manuka Skirt and Shirt

MANUKA / Patterned Buttoned Skirt Green Daisy: 99.90 TL

MANUKA / Vikroia Embroidered Collar Tunic Off White: 169,90 TL

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Manuka tunic and trousers

MANUKA / Tensel Long Tunic Beige: 179.90 TL

MANUKA / Flare Trousers Ice Blue: 299.90 TL

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