At what month should fennel tea be given to babies? What are the benefits of fennel for babies?

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Fennel, which is considered the most natural treatment for sleep and eye disorders, is also recommended for lactating mothers. The most curious thing about fennel, which contains a strong sodium and potassium, was the effects of such a beneficial plant on babies. At what month should fennel tea be given to babies? What are the benefits of fennel for babies?

After the addiction to breast milk ends, parents go into a feverish search for the nutrients given to their babies. Fennel is one of the foods that are curious about this period, which affects both the development and the health of the baby during the development process. In some babies, gas problems may occur in breast milk or during the first processes they pass to supplementary food. It can negatively affect every process from digestive problems to babies’ sleep and eating habits. In order to avoid such situations, experts make various nutritional recommendations. Fennel is one of them.

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fennel tea relieves gas problem of babies


At the end of 6 months, very small amounts can be given to infants as they transition to solid food. One or two spoons can be given during the day depending on the situation. A teaspoon of fennel is thrown into a glass of boiled water. When the brewed fennel is between cold and warm degrees, it can be added to the water that the baby will consume, or a teaspoon or two.

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fennel is a powerful toxin shooter


  • Fennel, which is rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and C, provides babies with early resistance against viruses and bacteria.
  • By providing digestive mobility from the stomach to the intestines, it prevents diarrhea, constipation or gas problems in babies who switch to supplementary food.
  • Provides a strong calming effect to babies, causing sleep processes to be comfortably passed. Experts recommend for sleep patterns.
  • It contributes to the muscle and bone development of babies. At the same time, it supports the development of the eyes and resets the risk of diseases that are likely to be experienced in later ages.

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