Activities that develop baby intelligence

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Babies learn concepts through games and benefit both their emotions and the dexterity of the brain, which we call psycho-motor. Learns the relationship between colors and objects and making logical inferences. Activities to develop your baby’s intelligence recommended by pedagogues.

Babies try to make sense of the world from the moment they are born. In this context, it is very important for parents to be very careful and to provide continuous education. Because the baby who is born will focus on his parents like a continuous camera recording in order to continue his life.

Pedagogues explained 3 easy and fun activities that help baby discover the world and increase psycho-motor skills. With these activities, activities that improve intelligence and develop it faster than it is, such as grasping the difference between abstract and concrete and the relationship between objects are listed. Start these activities immediately so that your child can experience his development without any problems and develop his intelligence.

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activities to develop baby’s intelligence



Shoe box with lid

wooden blocks (geometrical)



Playing with shapes will also support your baby’s ability to hold, grasp and sort while he is ready for math. It can reach awareness such as matching, size and shape discrimination, visual discrimination.


Put the blocks one by one on the box, draw the edges with a pencil and remove the shapes with scissors. Have fun pushing the blocks through the holes with your baby. Do it over and over. Let your baby explore the block box. Over time, it will learn which block can pass through which hole.

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intelligence-enhancing activities in infants



Food coloring (yellow, red, blue)
Two cups of water

With this activity, a concept development is provided for the baby. It is an important awareness activity for grasping, touching and color distinctions.


Watch your baby having a good time with this color activity. Have your baby squeeze the white paint into the water in one of the containers and say “white”. Ask your baby to take the purple dye and squeeze it into the same container and say “purple” this time. Now say the name of the new color: “pink”. Then use the other container, get the yellow and blue and green color.

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activities that improve infant intelligence




This activity gives the baby body awareness, language development and the ability to make visual discrimination.


Apply colored stickers over your eyes, forehead, nose, ears, shoulders, knees and all of your toes. Do the same with your baby. Then touch the places where you put stickers one by one, say their names as you touch them.

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