5 easy recipes that can be prepared with ingredients at home

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Instead of throwing away the unfinished materials in your home, you can prepare practical and delicious meals. Your children, spouse, and even those who live alone will like these recipes, which will be the saviors of difficult days. You can learn about delicious recipes, where you can easily evaluate stale bread or the materials left at home, from the details of our news.

In this process, where we take care to stay at home due to coronavirus, markets continue to be dangerous. For this reason, almost all of Turkey spends time in the kitchen during the stay at home. You may have entered into a research not to eat pasta every day, pastry or fast food every day. For those who want to cook delicious recipes with the ingredients at home in order not to go to the market often, we have brought together the delicious and light taste for you. These flavors, which we take care to use materials that can be found in almost every home, will not take much of your time. Let’s take a look at our recipes for those who want to prepare healthy meals at home in these days when we say #EvdeKal and want to instill healthy meals at home:


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Lentil meatballs, which satisfy even the most crowded guests, are made by combining red lentils and fresh vegetables. You can easily make protein-packed lentil meatballs that vegans and vegetarians will consume with peace of mind. Click to find out the recipe: RECIPES OF LENTIL MATTS


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Due to the virus, bread making at home is among the words most searched by citizens on Google. taking. If there is a ban on going out of the house, if you are wondering how to make bread or how to make bread at home in terms of being hygienic, you can definitely read the content we have prepared. Click for the recipe: HOME QUICK BREAD RECIPE

Celery with Olive Oil

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One of the most healing vegetables of the winter season, celery with delicious olive oil will be liked by everyone. we have a recipe. The recipe for the olive oil celery dish that you can serve hot or cold, which will suit the middle of the table, is in the details of our news. Click for the recipe: celery recipe with olive oil


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The most popular and frequently used potato in Turkish cuisine is a ground plant that contains plenty of starch. How to boil potatoes, which are suitable for salads, roasts and many other recipes, especially in summer? Click to find out the recipe: POCKETS RECIPE


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The most common sauté made with chicken, it’s kind of like a spoonful. If you want to prepare a delicious dinner with a warm bread, you can check our practical chicken saute recipe. Click for the recipe: CHICKEN SAUTET RECIPE

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