2020 summer fashion trends

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The trends of the 2020 summer season have been announced. For this season, mobility and liveliness are preferred in topwear, and naturalness and simplicity are preferred in accessories. In the patterns used, flower and fruit designs dominate. So what are the details of these trends and how can combinations be applied? In our content, we took a closer look at the trends of 2020 summer fashion. Here’s all you need to know about the 2020 summer fashion trends.

In the summer season fashion, acid denim, california cool, blue elegance, printed models and sandal – straw bag accessory trend come to the fore this year. Any trend from the past years is on the showcase again in the new season. The trend that has started to take place in the shop windows for the summer of 2020 is the polka dot shirts and wide-leg trousers belonging to the 1970s fashion. So how can combinations be prepared for these trends and what are the details hidden? We have included the answers to these questions in our content. Here are the fashion trends of the 2020 summer season and the most stylish combination suggestions suitable for these trends:


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In recent years, patterns representing nature have been prioritized. Among them, floral and leopard patterns draw attention. However, for the 2020 summer season, unlike other seasons, fruit patterns are used in the designs of dresses and skirts. You can combine such dresses with shoes that carry the dominant color of the pattern.


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Denims, which are considered the most familiar and shifted model of jeans history is among the trends again. Denim trousers can be easily combined with a wide-shouldered t-shirt or tie-dye tops.

At the same time, daddy jeans are among the trends for this season. Unlike mom jeans, which were among the trends of the last season, dad jeans models draw attention due to their tube cut style.



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In each summer season, some trends from the past years come to the fore again. The prominent trend in the 2020 summer season is the polka dot shirts and wide-leg trousers of the 70s.


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Sandals and straw bags are among the accessory trends of this year. Straw bags and sandals, which are in harmony with the shimmering summer dresses that carry nature patterns on them, are the most stylish pieces of the 2020 summer season.

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In fact, straw bags have been around for the past few years; formed the basis of summer accessories. Many accessories such as bags, shoes, sandals and even jewelry were made from straw. We will see the effect of this material frequently this summer.


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Blue is one of the most preferred colors for this year. A blue dress combined with white, a blue shabby t-shirt and black tights or a blue shirt and cream-colored trousers will be ideal for the summer season.

If dark tones are preferred instead of bright tones, brown and black, which are among the 2020 summer trend colors, will be the right choice, especially in terms of accessories.


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A printed t-shirt and a patterned tulle skirt underneath. With this style, which is different and irrelevant but is among the most interesting trends of the season, a stylish look can be achieved without costing too much complexity.

Line patterns are becoming fashionable in printed t-shirts this year. The characters whose cartoons or fairy tales you love very much find their place on you. The print is mostly applied on black, pink, blue and white t-shirts.


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The most suitable trend for those who are after a cool and comfortable image is California Cool’ Stop. This style, which can be applied for batik, blue tones and a cool stance, was also among the 2019 summer trends.

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