2020 suitcase models and prices

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There are various suggestions for suitcase models, one of the most purchased products of the 2019 summer season. What should be considered when buying a suitcase? What are the 2019 suitcase models and prices? What are the tips for packing suitcases? Is it possible to easily fill your clothes? 2019’s trendy suitcase models and things to watch out for are only on yasemin.com with all their details!

Suitcases and suitcases come to mind when it comes to vacation. The first priority is always the suitcases and suitcases that you will want to put with you during your travels, such as dresses, swimsuits and many other products easily and without the problem of space limitations. Because the biggest problem experienced when going on vacation is the process of preparing suitcases and suitcases. So what is the point to consider when preparing a suitcase? What should be considered when buying a suitcase? We took a close look at the things to consider when preparing a suitcase and buying a new suitcase for you, as well as compiled the trending suitcase models and prices of 2020.

N11: 380 TL

– You should not load 2-3 persons in a suitcase. Preparing a suitcase according to the number of people rather than thinking of having less luggage will enable you to perform an easier placement.

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– Do not ignore the possibility of your luggage getting lost at airports or bus terminals. Make sure to stick stickers with your name on it.

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FLO: 228 TL


There are 2 points you should pay attention to while preparing the suitcase. However, when buying a new suitcase, you need to pay attention to this is not so little. We have listed these points for you:

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– The weight ratio is important for a suitcase and suitcase. It is also useful to choose a light suitcase, which you will make extra heavy with the items you will already put.

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– For a more comfortable use, you should use 4-wheel suitcases instead of 2-wheel ones. These models provide great convenience in terms of driving compared to 2 wheels.

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POLO: 1000 TL

– You should definitely pay attention to the outside of the suitcase you bought. You should pay attention to the fact that the outer container is not hard-shelled. Soft models are ideal.

– If you want the volume of your suitcase to be larger, you should use the bellows models.

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